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  • published Difficult Dialogues Workshop in Events 2017-12-27 09:49:35 -0500

    Difficult Dialogues Workshop

    How do we approach the challenging conversations in our lives, whether it’s about confederate flags, Donald Trump, cultural appropriation, Palestine/Israel, or even just racism and racial justice in general?

    This workshop is an opportunity to dive in much deeper with structured time to practice a range of difficult conversations around highly-charged racial issues. We will be sharing some basic skill-building tools in how to approach conversations, and then explore scenarios relevant to the lives of participants. This will include examination of some of the ways that internalized sexism can impact our courageous speaking capacities.

    Small group work, role-plays, and Theater of the Oppressed techniques will support seeing tough communication blocks in a new light. We’ll try out what feels challenging, in a relatively low-stakes and supportive environment, allowing ourselves time to debrief, reflect, and learn from each other.

    Tickets are sliding scale $15 - $25. No one turned away for lack of funds. Contact with ticket requests or questions.

    Accessibility Information: The space is wheelchair accessible. We ask that you do your best to arrive at the event scent/fragrance free to keep the space as low-scent as possible to support people with chemical and scent sensitivities - please see for helpful information.

    If you have additional access needs or questions about this event, please email

    January 28, 2018 at 10am
    Sierra Club
    2101 Webster St
    Suite 1300
    Oakland, CA 94612
    United States
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  • published sayhername in Blog 2017-06-23 13:38:44 -0400

    #SayHerName: Charleena Lyles. Nabra Hassanen. Josie Berrios.

    Left to right: Charleena Lyles, Nabra Hassanen & Josie Berrios. 

    We as SURJ Bay Area are deeply saddened, horrified, and outraged by the recent murders of three women of color across the U.S. We honor and uplift their names: 

    Charleena Lyles.

    Nabra Hassanen.

    Josie Berrios.

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  • published Which Side Are You On? in Blog 2017-01-11 20:11:59 -0500

    Which Side Are You On?

    Come all you good workers
    Good news to you I'll tell
    Of how the good old union
    Has come in here to dwell

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    Donate Monthly (SURJ Bay Area)

    To make a one-time donation CLICK HERE

    Donate to SURJ Bay Area today! Your contribution supports SURJ’s racial justice work, with at least half of all funds raised directed to racial justice organizations led by people of color. Donations also:

    • Help us host affordable community training on topics such as displacement and direct action
    • Contribute equipment and transportation to mobilize people like you
    • Support victims of state violence and their families

    All of which strengthens our critical work for in the face of the often deadly oppression of people of color.

    Thank you for growing powerful movements for racial justice.


  • Election Guide: 8 Ballot Measures For Racial Justice

    Vote with people of color this election to protect renters, boost police oversight, and lessen the harms of the prison system. SURJ Bay Area’s editors have highlighted statewide and local ballot measures that will most affect communities of color.

    For example, two propositions on the California ballot are related to the death penalty. As the NCADP put it: “The burdens and failures of the United States justice system fall most heavily and unfairly on communities of color. There must be a fundamental change in the system. The lynchpin for that change is ending capital punishment."

    By voting on the following measures, you can do your part to stand up for racial justice.



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